Monteco Ltd. on paper

On Monteco Ltd.'s ‘Identity Card’ you can find all certifications needed for a company whose papers are in order.
Monteco Ltd. is a certified company according to UNI EN ISO 45001 (Management System for Health and Safety at work), UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standards), UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and SA8000, (first Certifiable Ethical Standard).

Monteco Ltd is registered in the following categories in the National Register of Environmental Managers, held at the Ministry of the Environment, for companies operating in the waste sector (Ministerial Decree 406/98 and Legislative Decree 152/06):

  • Cat. 1/A Collection and transportation of municipal waste and such for municipalities over 500,000 inhabitants and in relation to the collection of waste from beaches and banks class: D, Mechanized sweeping class: A, Municipal collection centers class: A;
  • Cat. 2bis Initial producers of non-hazardous waste who carry out collection and transport operations of their own waste;
  • Cat. 4/A Collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste produced by third parties;
  • Cat. 5/C Collection and transportation of hazardous waste;
  • Cat. 8/F Brokerage and trade of non-hazardous and / or hazardous waste without owning the waste;
  • Cat. 10/A Reclamation of assets containing asbestos carried out on the following materials: building materials containing asbestos.

Monteco Ltd. has its paper in order.
Not only on paper.