Contacts and freephone number

Operational Headquarter:
Campi Salentina – Squinzano B road, 2nd Km - ZIP Code 73012 - Campi Salentina (LE)
Head Office:
Lecce 30, Via Campania ZIP Code 73100

For further information:
Tel. +39.0832.720411
Fax +39.0832792301

E-mail Addresses:

General Information


Freephone number

Contact our freephone number anytime 24/24. Talk with our operators or leave a message at the answering machine (please find time schedules on our website, in the Municipalities Schedule section).
Providing customers with a direct and free telephone line enables an easier communication and allows customers to ask for precise and detailed information, solve their doubts, know about their rights and find professional operators who can politely and entirely answer all of their questions.
Furthermore, the freephone line can be used to arrange a free door-to -door collection of durable goods or domestic bulky wast. In fact, by contacting the freephone number, customers can conveniently arrange an appointment with Monteco and ask for the collection of their household waste, in order to prevent the harmful and polluting practice of illegal dumping.