Plants and equipment

Innovation and sustainability: waste to resource

Words like ‘research’ and ‘development’ are very important for Monteco Ltd. We use these concepts to achieve two goals simultaneously, i.e.:

  • innovation
  • enviromental sustainability.

Even latest generation plant and equipment are part of our great project. Thus, we can be efficient and green both on the streets, and within our facilities.
With our commitment to research and to development we want to be the virtuous operators of the waste management branch.


Monteco Ltd.'s plant

Technology for Monteco Ltd. is not an end in itself. It is a means through which we can achieve the best results in the waste management business, especially in recycling and waste recovering. Every day, in our plant we face the biggest challenge: turning waste into resource.

Below, you can read what we do in our MSW treatment plant (Municipal Solid Waste):

  • getting and allocating MSW and pre-treatment (grinding);
  • bio-stabilisation procedures in tunnel;
  • mechanical sorting and volumetric processing of recovered Refuse Dry Fraction (RDF);
  • producing fraction of Stabilised Biowaste.

RDF is used to produce WDF (Waste Derived Fuel), while Stabilised Biowaste is needed to cover the landfill sites, to support both the environmental restoration and reinstatement activities.
Our aim is to take full advantage of waste and to produce less and less Stabilised Biowaste from landfill sites.


Our equipment

We strive for innovation even on board of our vehicles. Every day, from Monteco Ltd.’s warehouse we get a copious equipment off the ground both for collecting waste and for cleaning streets.

Among our 700 environmentally-friendly vehicles you can find:

  • packer trucks
  • road sweepers
  • lorries
  • electric cars
  • operation equipment

Thanks to our modern vehicles and to the hard work of our dynamic environmental staff, we guarantee a daily increasingly efficient separated collection service and clean streets.

Monteco Ltd. is research and development for innovation and for environmental sustainability.